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A   S   S   A   L   A   A   M   U       '   A   L   A   I   K   U   M              p   e   a   c   e       b       u   n   t   o       u

B i s m i l l a h      A r - R a h m a n      A r - R a h i m.             A l - h a m d u - l I l l a h i      R a b b - i l - 'a l a m i n

In the name of Allah,      Most Gracious,      Most Merciful             All thanks to Allah,      Lord of the worlds

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Gene Sha Rudyn has been professionally involved in the Singapore theatre scene for over a decade and has performed in theatre productions in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand in the English, Malay and Body languages including "Animal Farm" (W!ld Rice), "Pulau Antara - The Island In-Between" (Instant Cafe Theatre/Setagaya Public Theatre), "Macbeth" (Act 3 and The Necessary Stage), "A Midsummer Nights Dream" (Act 3 and The Necessary Stage), "The Prince and The Pauper" (Act 3), "Oliver!" (STA*RS), "Pinocchio" (STA*RS), "Anak Bulan Di Kampong Wa’ Hassan" (Teater Ekamatra), "Dhavusya" (Teater Ekamatra), "Indera Bangsawan" (Teater Kami), "DIE FAUSTUS DIE!" (Naga Pass-Ra), "We All Fall Down" (Pass-Ra), "Happy Valentine’s Day" (Teater Ekamatra) and "Prodigal Songs" (Metabolic Theatre Laboratory).

His theatre directorial credits include "DIE FAUSTUS DIE!" (Naga Pass-Ra), "We All Fall Down" (Pass-Ra), "SIGELAP - the musical" (Teater Ekamatra), "tilldeathdouspart" (Pass-Ra), "Win!" (Teater Ekamatra), "Happy Valentine’s Day" (Teater Ekamatra), "Anak Bulan Di Kampong Wa’ Hassan" (Teater Ekamatra), "causeway" (Teater Ekamatra) and "Anita & Generation X" (Teater Kami).

Gene went on several excursions onto the small screen in two seasons of "Gurmit's World" (TCS 5), starring alongside Gurmit Singh and Tony Quek in the original Phua Chu Kang sketches, the second season of "Sikit Lebih Kurang" (Prime 12), starring alongside Alias Kadir, Ishak Ahmad and Mastura Ahmad, and a guest appearance in "The Challenge" episode of "Under One Roof" (TCS 5).

In the schools in Singapore, Gene has performed in Theatre-In-Education, Drama-In-Education and Arts Exposure programmes with The Necessary Stage, Act 3, Teater Kami, Dramaplus Arts, Teater Ekamatra, ETC and Imaginarts. He designed Drama-in-Education programmes for Teater Ekamatra in 2000 and Theatre-In-Education programmes for Teater Kami from 1996 to 2000. He was playwright and director for Arts Exposure Programmes by ETC (1999-2002), Act 3 (1999) and Teater Kami (1997-1999).

He has also conducted drama classes in Damai Secondary School (2003), Yusof Ishak Secondary School (2001), Bukit Panjang Government High School (2001), Northland Primary School (2001), Shuqun Primary School (2001), Tanjong Katong Secondary School (2000), Fajar Secondary School (2000), Pasir Ris Secondary School (1998, 1997), St Margaret’s Secondary School (1997), Clementi Secondary School (1997), Changkat Changi Secondary School (1997) and Chong Li Primary School (1996).

Gene was the Co-Artistic Director of Naga Pass-Ra (2000-2003), Director-in-residence of ETC (2001) and Associate Director of Teater Ekamatra (1998-2000).